Ten and a Quarter inch gauge galleries

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Ten and a Quarter inch gauge galleries

Steam locomotives

For many people the only type of railway engine is a steam locomotive. Here are just a few pictures of steam locos in action and at rest.
'1831' at work

IC and electric locomotives

The benefits of diesel and electric locomotives are such that on almost every railway in the world they have supplanted steam locos. Often characterised as 'boxes on wheels' this is unfair as they can be as characterful as steam locomotives.

Trackside views

Pictures of trains passing, trains waiting and just trains.
Kerrs Miniature Railway

Public railways

Pictures from railways that are open to the public.
Double heading at Rudyard

Railway days

No website can ever properly describe the joy and fascination of miniature railways but here we try to capture days spent on a railway and the good times enjoyed.

Building a railway

Railways don't appear out of nowhere; they are always the result of sheer hard work. This gallery shows just a small part of the work involved.