Hughley Light Railway For Sale

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What you will see listed below are some brief details of a superb 12.1/4″ private railway
for sale along with a 4 bedroom barn conversion all set in 5 acres of the finest Shropshire countryside near Much Wenlock.
The following is the owners description of what is offered for sale.

Hughley Light Railway is situated in the glorious Shropshire countryside Near Much Wenlock. The 12 1/4 gauge private railway was commenced in 1990. The track work is of 9lb/yard EN8 flat bottomed steel rail on ex BR sleepers, sawn to 3” x 3” x 18” at 12” centres and set in 10mm granite ballast. All joints are parallel with built-in expansion capability. A maximum grade in 1 in 50 prevails. Hughley Central station consists of a three curved raised platforms serving 2 stop end lines under a single span curved roof. (also doubles as closed storage). The total track length of 2 and a quarter miles incorporates ten sets of weight-biased points allowing for re-routing and extended non-return running. As with the track work the 2 locomotives and rolling stock have been built by the owners to a proportional quarter full-size scale. 

Locomotive 1:
BR Class 37 outlined Co-Co diesel/hydraulic locomotive – ENDURANCE
Powered by a low slung six cylinder Cummings diesel engine directly coupled to a variable displacement hydraulic pump which can be driven from either cab end. Four, five cylinder piston motors power four of the six wheel sets. ENDURANCE was designed and built to be a quiet powerful performer, capable of starting a ten ton load on a wet 1 in 50 grade with ease. The minimum of maintenance with longevity for commercial use being at the back of our minds for a future owner.

Locomotive 2:
BR shunter outlined 0-6-0 petrol/mechanical locomotive – TENACITY
Powered by a single longitudinal mounted British Leyland mini engine with a Borg-Warner pre-select auto gearbox. The output drive is then through a 90 degree, 1-1 reversible David Brown gearbox fitted with a disc braked output sprocket. Chain drive to each axle from this sprocket completes the transmission providing full gear selection in either direction.

1 double bogie flat bed bolster type works truck with generator and tools.

1 Unique HLR Pullman Coach original structure designed by Robert Whiteley. The coach consists of five, ten foot long articulated segments. The coachwork of each segment is identical except for the two end compartments which have wheelchair access facilities. 

The House is a 4 bedroom Barn conversion of domestic proportions with additional separate detached accommodation, a further separate workshop and a very large covered Station/storage. The house and railway are sited in 5 acres of private land.

 There is a lot more spec which has been left out, but any interest should be directed to
Mr David Perriton or Mrs Janet Perriton
Please telphone 01746 785485